Do I need to fill up an abroad application form before I travel abroad?

Yes, you need to fill up online form in Travel Abroad Application System (SPLN) through website for permanent and contracts staff while for temporary staff should submitted the application through Abroad Application Form (SOK/KEW/BR035/BYR) before you are going abroad either for official or unofficial duties for purposes of Vice Chancellor Approval. For travel in groups, every group need to submitted the application individually.

I am actually a student, should I fill up an application form if I want to go abroad?

No need. Only those who are categorised as a staff by UPM should fill up the form if they want to go abroad. Nevertheless, any affairs involving students should forward to Division of Student Affairs, UPM for further action.

When the application of SPLN should be submitted?

Applicant should submitting travel abroad application at least 14 days from travelling date. Any delays on application need to give justification on application delays as requested in SPLN system. The application submitted is not required to be printed and need to be submitted to Office of Vice Chancellor for approval. However, applicant might need to print the application after attain the approval from Vice Chancellor if necessary for matters on insurance coverage, travelling claim or anything that related.

When I can request on health insurance facilities for the purpose of travel abroad?

Facilities of health insurance coverage for the non-official travel is possible after obtains approval by Vice Chancellor through PTJ administration department respectively. Nevertheless, the facilities are depends on conditions as follows;

  • Qualified applicant is a UPMs staff who appointed permanently , temporary and contract.
  • Limited to the applicant only.
  • Limited to once a year and period to travel abroad are not exceeds 30 days started at the date of depart from Malaysia.
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    What types of document required to uploaded in travel abroad application?

    For applications abroad on official duty, applicant need to uploaded complete letter/document (in PDF format) related with travelling. Among them are;

  • Invitation letter
  • Approval allocation letter or sponsorship letter if the travel is sponsored by outsiders UPM.
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    How long the length of duration to take in order to attain Vice Chancellor approval for application has been submitted?

    The time period taken on getting the Vice Chancellor approval is within 14 days from the date of submission the completed application by applicant. This will include period of time set to SPLN secretariat for review, financial zone for confirmation allocation (if relate), Head of PTJ for application support before to the stages of Vice Chancellor approval.

    How do I make claim on expenses for official duties as has been requested and approved?

    For official travel that using allocation in UPM, may claims the expenses in PTJ financial zone respectively in duration 3 moth after travel and after application submitted get the approval from Vice Chancellor.

    What are the implications that will happen if application for travel abroad is not filled?

    Travel which have been made before application submission OR before attaining approval of Vice Chancellor is under applicant responsibility. Applicant need to bear the risk on travel that has been made. UPM is not responsible if anything happen to applicant while outside the country. Applicant who is in default shall be deemed to have violated University requirement and any claims are not paid by Bursar.

    Do I need to submit a report if I am going abroad on official duties?

    Applicant is required to submit a travel report if the travel is travelling on official duties as well as using allocation Travel Abroad University (13064DO). The report need to submitted to Department of Administration Vice Chancellor Office within 14 days from the date of their returns to Malaysia. Whereas, for applicant who using official allocation University apart from allocation Travel Abroad University (13064DO), please refer to committee that gave the approval on allocation regarding requirements in submitted the report.

    Updated:: 17/10/2014 [fahezah_nor]

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