Choosing the genetic color of a child's eye ?: Biotechnology Interaction, Value System and Fiqh of the Future
Imagine, the day before Zuckerberg wrote the first line of Facebook, a Muslim student was approached by some male friends whom he did not know much. They said, "Can we ask for all your photos last week?" "Eh, what do you want?" ask the student. "We just want to see the nights when it's boring." Most students in that situation will be uncomfortable. The value system within itself puts the request outside of the acceptance line. But, a decade later, the dominance of social media technology shifted the line of acceptance.
Urban Agriculture: A Way Forward for Food Security
Forest Therapy for Psychiatric Patients
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Innovation Enables Agriculture via PV Structured Solar Farm
SERDANG, March 20 - UPM researchers succeeded in developing racks for agricultural activities and drying of harvested crops by placing the racks under Photovoltaic (PV) structures at PV solar farms. The planting tool, known as ‘A Retractable Drying and Planting Rack for AgroPhotovoltaics Farm’, is made of stainless steel and has two racks. The lower rack is for planting purposes, while the upper rack is for drying the harvested crops. To ensure that no power outages (DC) occur as a result of the PV generator, only suitable crops such as Misai Kucing and Green Chireta are cultivated.
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